Web Hosting and Development

Whilst our main focus is on assisting foreign business owners and entrepreneurs with Investment Migration into English-speaking countries, GGBA also provides internet services for all aspects of getting your small to medium-sized business online. Whether an existing business, or as part of incorporating a new company, GGBA can register your domain name, setup e-mail, design and deploy your website, provide daily backup, actively maintain the site and much, much more. We specialise in WordPress deployment and with our partners Cloudphase Рa complete Google G Suite package to suit your requirements.

Domain Registering

Before a website can be designed and deployed, you need to choose a suitable Domain Name – for example, the Domain Name in the URL: http://www.ggba.uk/blog is “ggba.uk” – it is essentially the name of the website and is visible on all online URLs. All Domain Names have a suffix that indicates what type of website it is:

.com = Commercial Business
.co.uk = Commercial UK Business
.uk = Only available to owners of .co.uk domain names
.org = Organisation
.gov = Government

Choosing the right Domain Name is an important step in ensuring your business brand can reach the audience you need it to. Domain Names need to be registered with a Domain Name Registrar and are typically renewed on a yearly basis. GGBA can help with all aspects of this process. Contact us.

Website Hosting and Databases

Every website on the internet is hosted somewhere – there is a physical computer situated in the world with all of the pages, images, videos and other files that make up each individual website. These computers are typically larger and more powerful than a normal desktop computer and are called servers. The company that owns the web server, is the Hosting Company. There are literally thousands of Hosting Companies out there offering Shared, Cloud, Dedicated or even Reseller hosting on Windows and on Linux. What does this all mean and what do you actually need? Get in touch with your requirements, whether you have an existing website that you’d like to change, or if you need to start from scratch and we’ll help you out.

Website Design

GGBA can also help with the design of your website, which in today’s marketplace – needn’t cost thousands of pounds! Choosing to use WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) of preference, we have helped many clients design and create simple, engaging, elegant, and sometimes vibrant websites, spanning a plethora of businesses. With access to hundreds of themes online, being a master of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is no longer a requirement for website design, which also means that if so desired, being able to personally add or alter the website content can be swiftly and easily done. Whatever site you need for your business – simple, rich, expansive or something in between – drop us a message using our Contact Form and let us help.

Deployment and Maintenance

Depending on the complexity of your online operations, handling the roll out and implementation of websites and databases can be a headache; more so if you know you have to constantly update the backend infrastructure of your deployment. GGBA will assist you every step of the way, leaving you with as much autonomy as you require when setting up the backend infrastructure of your web environment. We can take care of rolling out websites, migrating users, creating e-mail addresses, scheduling backups and regularly running maintenance on your websites. Contact us.


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Updated – 3rd February 2017