Here at GGBA we pride ourselves on our determination to continually improve the way in which we do things. As part of our Customer Feedback Process, in addition to sending out a feedback form where we ask our clients to rate us on various aspects of what we do, we also ask whether they would consider writing a short ‘testimonial’ of their experience with and thoughts on GGBA. Below you will find all of these testimonials, along with the relevant information of where they came from and when they were made.

Refined Ideas

“To anyone seeking assistance with writing their business plan, I highly recommend Matt and Al at GGBA. I was highly satisfied with their refined ideas, communication, both breadth and depth of their industry knowledge and amazing quick turnaround in drafting quality business plans. I placed a lot of trust in them and I can say they haven’t made me regret it! Thank you for your efforts and creativity in helping me apply for the innovator visa!”

Emily Tong, August 2020

Meaningful Care Matters Ltd

“Working with GGBA was a highly rewarding experience, their professionalism, insights and support are second to none and we have no hesitation in engaging with their services into the future. They are more than a service provider, they are a true partner in the business journey.”

Peter Bewert, MCM, March 2020

IAS – Immigration Advice Service

“Working with GGBA has been a great, seamless experience so far. They produce high quality work which our clients have been really happy with. Communication is always transparent and fast. We hope to continue developing our relationship.”

Peter Russell, IAS, September 2019

Alug Ltd

“Both Al and Matt at GGBA provided a very professional and thorough service for my business plan. I was completely satisfied with their work and the delivery of the plan before the short deadline. We worked together very smoothly and with great communication along the way. Very much appreciated – thank you!”

Kin Man Siu, Alug Ltd, June 2019

Datics Analytics Ltd

“I had the pleasure to work with Matt and Alan regarding my Tier 1 application business plan through my solicitor who recommended GGBA. I prepared the initial business plan draft and shared with Matt, he understood it very well in a short time and transformed my idea into a very high-quality business plan which I could never have done myself. Matt is dedicated and really professional, he even spent his weekends to finish my business plan under a very tight deadline. I will definitely use their services in the future and highly recommend them.”

Teena Meena, Datics Analytics Ltd, March 2019

Prime Immigration Ltd

“I was very happy with the service provided by both Matt and Alan at GGBA and the professionalism displayed throughout the process. I look forward to sending them more clients in the future.”

Ritesh Gujar, Prime Immigration Ltd, May 2018

Bards on Boats

“I could not be happier that my solicitors Seddons recommended GGBA for my business planning and Tier 1 visa needs. Matt and Al were true partners in developing a plan that I’m confident will help launch a successful business that is my pathway to residency in England. Interacting with them was a pleasure and the scope of our work together has since grown to include website backend support and accounting services. I’m hopeful that our original contract is the start of a long and mutually rewarding relationship.”

Eric Ellman, Bards on Boats, January 2018

Yes UK Immigration Ltd

“Approached GGBA team on receiving their marketing email and checked their website which was impressive. After going through the information and services they provide on the website, spoke to Al and discussed the requirements for a business plan. I was glad I spoke to him and Matt as they both came out to be thoroughly professional in their knowledge, commitment and communication. The response to any queries was swift and accurate. The most important thing was the delivery of the drafts and final version of the business plan on the committed dates. Will definitely use their services again and highly recommend them.”

Raj Agarwal, Yes UK Immigration Ltd, October 2017