Changing World

Feb 3, 2017 | Blog

Events in America have seemingly triggered a chain reaction of astounding Nationalistic and Political devastation across the globe. Well – that’s not technically true – Trump becoming the Tweeting President is just one of the plethora of events to have occurred over the past year or so, that is going to define a Generation. Regrettably: not in a positive way.

I have lived in Brighton for over 15 years and never before have I known of such placid fervency when it comes to protesting than what we witnessed here on Monday evening. The main hub of Brighton was effectively brought to a grinding halt, as 2,000+ peaceful protesters raised their placards against Trump’s ban on people from seven majorly Muslim countries entering America. The rally began outside Brighton Town Hall and then marched up Queens Road to congregate outside the much recently maligned Brighton Railway Station. In the pouring rain.

Whether Brexit, Trump or Marine Le Pen – things are not looking up. And no, Donald: it’s a sign of weakness, poor oration and incompetence when you think it underlines a point, by repeating the same point, or truncating it immediately after you’ve said it.

It’s a Mad World.