Tier 1 Entrepreneur Extensions

Jan 28, 2020 | News

The January countdown to Brexit is almost complete and with a handful of days to go, Boris Johnson has unveiled the new Global Talent Visa in a bid to persuade the rest of the world that the UK is “open for business”. With such soundbites as “…turn the UK into a kind of supercharged magnet, drawing scientists like iron filings from around the world…” the hyperbole is real. The reality will yet to be seen, but you can read the exclusive from BBC News here. Whilst the actual details are not available until this Thursday (28th January 2020), Paul Richmond at the consistently exceptional Richmond Chambers has this updated information.

However still nothing has been announced regarding any pending changes, rather: improvements to the floundering Innovator and Start-Up visas, as widely discussed both here and elsewhere in the wider marketplace. In addition to this headache for the Home Office, potentially come the end of this year, one would imagine that they will have to have something in place for EU Nationals looking to work, or stay in the UK for longer than 6 months post-Brexit-transition period…

Which brings us to the hundreds, if not thousands of existing Tier 1 Entrepreneurs and Tier 1 (Graduate) Entrepreneurs that have to decide whether to continue with their existing visa pathway, or to switch on to the new Innovator or Start-Up categories. Gillian McCall at Richmond recently put across some very useful information for those in such a position.

Whether extending an existing Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa, or switching to one of the newer categories, having a robust and revised business plan from that which was initially used to secure the original visa is now more important than ever, particularly with the newer categories of visa having direct goal-driven requirements for the business and the Entrepreneur(s).

Business Plans are our speciality and we are always on hand to chat with any prospective customers.