Article 50 Triggered

Mar 29, 2017 | Blog

“The United Kingdom has formally triggered Article 50,” the radio intones and the tone was indeed inward, just like the focus and gaze of those that have dragged us kicking and frothing at the mouth to this unprecedented precipice. This ponderous promontory, that lemming-like, we are about to hurl ourselves from.

Into what?

No-one knows.

The Article 50 letter, as penned by UK Prime Minister Theresa May and today hand-delivered to Donald Tusk by the UK’s EU Ambassador Sir Tim Barrow, sets out seven negotiating principles that Mrs May attests we should adhere to. They read as follows:

  • We should engage with one another constructively and respectfully, in a spirit of sincere cooperation
  • We should always put our citizens first
  • We should work towards securing a comprehensive agreement
  • We should work together to minimise disruption and give as much certainty as possible. 
  • We must pay attention to the UK’s unique relationship with the Republic of Ireland and the importance of the peace process in Northern Ireland
  • We should begin technical talks on detailed policy areas as soon as possible, but we should prioritise the biggest challenges
  • We should continue to work together to advance and protect our shared European values

Of those 7 principles, Mrs May, how many can be said were actively participated in during both the Referendum Campaign(s) in 2016 (both led by Conservative MPs!) and the vicious fallout that subsequently followed the excruciatingly marginal ‘Leave’ vote..?

It does not, bode well.