Further Expansion

Aug 4, 2017 | News

It’s been an exciting year. It’s been a strange year, but an exciting year.

It’s been a thoroughly strange and exciting year.

Greengate Business Associates Ltd formally came into being in June of 2016, just before two thirds of the Great British Electorate ‘democratically’ voted to leave the EU, triggering Article 50 and bringing into play one of the most odious ‘words’ of this decade: Brexit.

Three short, but extremely busy months later, we had moved into our first office space, albeit a temporary one, in New England House, here in Brighton, on the south coast of the UK, a few hours bicycle ride from London. Here we stayed, as we began the laborious process of creating a visible presence in the decidedly sprawling marketplace of Business Immigration, both here, in the UK and across the pond in the United States, where our sister company Greengate Plans are located in Atlanta, Georgia. Which brings us (neatly?) to the American Presidential Elections and the resulting Trump Effect, full Twitter in covfefe force. We watched from afar, eyes agog, ears pricked, listening for any relevant changes… Christmas and the New Year came and went and we realised, very swiftly, that our temporary home, whilst cosy, was not going to provide us with the physical space we needed to work to our full potential.

In February, of this glorious 2017, we took up lease of our first ‘proper’ office, right outside Brighton mainline railway station, in a compact, but pretty nigh perfect office. We were off.

Six months later, an opportunity has arisen that we cannot let fall by the wayside – in the same building, the office we see every day coming in to our own office, this bigger space that we have silently coveted, has become vacant and our Landlord has given us first refusal. We have not refused.

Thus, Greengate Business Associates Ltd continues to grow into bigger and better offices. The additional space is absolutely required and we’re looking forward to moving in on September 1st.